FINALLY! A new Taco Bell food tested in Minnesota!

Have you heard of Taco Bell’s new foods? They are only in the testing phase, but good news! For once, they are testing something new in Minnesota!

What are the new Taco Bell foods?

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A story in The hill speaks…

Taco Bell is introducing several new menu items this month, including Loaded TRUFF Nacho fries (made with truffle-infused hot sauce) and a Cherry Bliss Freeze frozen drink. But perhaps the most interesting of Taco Bell’s new offerings is the grilled cheese taco, available in two major markets starting Thursday.

And one of those main markets is… in Minnesota!

Where can we try taco diping?

Minneapolis Taco Bell – Google

Minneapolis Taco Bell – Google

According The hill, the Grilled Cheese Dipping Taco (GCDT) is tested in Minneapolis/St. Paul (and in Nashville if you prefer your dip with an accent).

Taco Bell says the GCDT is made with a freshly fried white corn tortilla shell, is filled with beef and a mixture of mozzarella, cheddar and pepper. You’ll have a choice of Taco Bell’s savory red sauce or nacho cheese sauce for dipping said tacos.

Personal note: Will I be able to 86 the pepper jack? This stuff is blech.

Are Nashville and MSP testing the same tacos?

Nope! Taco Bell says they sell them with seasoned beef in Minnesota ($2.99), and Tennessee slow-braised shredded beef ($3.49).

Need tacos NOW? This gallery is for you!

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