The woman who named Mickey Mouse was born and raised in Idaho

I’ve watched an awful lot of Disney movies and cartoons in my life. One thing I didn’t know about the face of Disney was that the woman who gave Mickey Mouse her name was born 400 miles north of Twin Falls, Idaho.

I was born eight miles from Disneyland. When my dad came back from the Vietnam War, he got a security job at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. My brother and I grew up with all access to the theme park. It provided some of the best memories of my life.

Walt Disney is perhaps the most beloved and influential human being who has ever lived. While it is true that his illustrations gave rise to a figure known as mickey mouseit was actually The love of his life who named the most famous and iconic character of all time.

Lillian Marie Disney is born in Spalding, Idaho. She became Walt’s wife in July 1925, and the two had a pair of daughters. Part of their wedding ceremony took place in the northwestern Idaho communities of Spalding and Lewiston. They were married for 41 years until Walt’s death in 1966.

The house in which Lillian lived and celebrated the wedding with Walt is still standing. It’s a fact that Lillian came up with “Mickey” as the name of Walt’s newly created mouse character while on a road trip. So, in a way, the world can thank the state of Idaho for the birth of Mickey Mouse.

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