How the NBA is changing the face of the fashion industry

The NBA is one of the biggest sports competitions in the world, the finals alone are watched by nearly 10 million viewers in the United States. People are not only invested in the NBA for its basketball, but many fans also follow the players in the media and are very interested in what they do and what they wear on and off the court.

Basketball players are constantly influencing fashion trends with their style. Many have exclusive deals with major fashion houses to promote their new products.

Their status and level of influence means NBA players have access to everything from fashion items fresh off the catwalk to newly launched pieces. street clothing and all the limited-edition sneakers they could possibly need.

Here are some examples of NBA stars who have made headlines with their fashion collaborations and clothing choices…

Dwyane Wade.

Collaboration with Dwyane Wade Socks

California-based sock company Stance announced in 2013 that it was collaborating with former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade on a new collection of socks. He was the first NBA player to sign a sock deal.

The collection included casual and dressy socks and Wade collaborated with Calyann Barnett to create a variety of designs. The star has gone to substantial lengths to promote her products on Instagram, using her massive following to spread the word.

Russell Westbrook’s Fashion Book

A few years ago, Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook used the power of his fashion week outfits and the attention they garnered to help grow a large following on Instagram. He then used it to launch his new fashion book Style drivers.

Russell Westbrook’s fashion book shows off a series of photographs that document some of the player’s most iconic looks on and off the pitch. It also features quotes and interviews with other athletes, fashion designers, and creative personalities that influence the player’s unique style.

It’s an exclusive look at the player’s thoughts on fashion and even explains how Westbrook uses his style psychological weapon on the court during NBA games. The book was highly praised upon its release and loved by fans of its fashion and basketball.

How the NBA is changing the face of the fashion industry

PJ Tucker.

PJ Tucker sneaker collection

miami heat player PJ Tucker has become well known for its very extensive collection of sneakers. He has a whole loft dedicated to his sneakers and it’s believed he bought over 100 pairs from the NBA bubble. The star began shipping his collection to Orlando weeks before the NBA restarted.

His entire collection is over 15 years in the making and now contains over 5,000 pairs. He once teamed up with e-commerce site eBay to show off his shoes and shop for new items.

He began building his collection long before he entered the NBA, even as a student at the University of Texas he would get boxes of sneakers shipped to his on-campus dorm room.

Tucker has struck deals with Nike to promote his line of sneakers.

Iconic Chris Paul fashion choices

Phoenix Suns player Chris Paul was also spotted in a number of iconic outfits. For example, he was photographed exiting a plane wearing a bright blue Filling Pieces tracksuit.

Once this image was uploaded, sales of this colorful tracksuit quadrupled over the next two weeks. The brand’s site reportedly received a 104% increase in traffic as American fans rushed to buy the same tracksuit as the star.

This illustrates how influential NBA players are in the fashion world. they have the power to influence new trends and significantly increase the sales of the brands they collaborate with.

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