How would you like to own your own castle in Covington, LA?

We originally discovered this medieval-style castle in Covington, LA as a Airbnb, but we found that since then it is offered for sale and it could be the VTRE! It is located less than a tank of gas in the beautiful parish of St. Tammany, just north of New Orleans.

We have featured this older property for rent for the low price of $ 450 a night several times courtesy of Change via Airbnb. I mean, it’s a FREAKING CASTLE. Who wouldn’t want to read about staying there or maybe even booking a stay? Well, your house can really be your castle now, for it is for sale for $ 2,900,000!

The property is being offered for sale by Will Frederick and Jeffery Lindsay of Keller Williams and has 5,000 square feet of living space on 12.25 acres. According to Red tuna, the chateau has been on the market for a little over 200 days now, so you never know, you could get a hell of a deal!

In addition to the land and living space, the castle has three bedrooms and 2 ½ bathrooms, an indoor theater, a designer swimming pool, a games room, a bar, an indoor spa, a stone shower with jets. programmable, and all!

Incidentally, did you know that Covington Castle is actually one of the many castles in Louisiana? Learn more about Other Louisiana castles, like the Layton Castle apartments in Monroe, LA here.

Check out the photo gallery we put together for the castle when we first discovered it as a Airbnb. BTW, it looks like it’s still available for hire.

Stay in a REAL Castle in Covington, LA

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