Hungary took in more than 12,000 Ukrainian refugees last Wednesday alone

About 6,634 people entered Hungary directly from Ukraine on Wednesday August 10, and another 5,726 from Ukraine entered from Romania, according to the Hungarian National Police Headquarters (ORFK).

The police also revealed that they had issued thirty-day temporary residence permits to 355 people, reports.

“Holders of these permits must contact a local immigration office near their place of residence within thirty days to request permanent documents,” he added. Budapest received 146 people, including 34 children, by train,” a statement released by the government of Hungary reads.

The Hungarian authorities have also pointed out that, given the ongoing war in Ukraine, the the number of migrants at Hungary’s eastern borders continues to rise, with more than 10,000 refugees arriving every daythus reaching more than 820,000 to date.

In this regard, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó added that migratory pressure on Hungary’s southern border has reached a “new level of danger”.

On June 15, the ORFK revealed that more than 24,000 Ukrainian refugees had entered Hungary over the previous weekend.

Meanwhile, on June 11 alone, the Hungarian government announced that 5,812 people entered Hungary directly from Ukraine, while another 7,035 Ukrainian refugees came from Romania.

The government also pointed out that for 249 people, the police issued temporary 30-day residence permits.

The same also revealed that on May 14, 5,852 Ukrainian refugees entered Hungary directly from Ukraine.while 6,605 Ukrainian refugees passed through Romania.

According to the government, in order to help Ukrainian refugees, the BOK Sports and Conference Center offers food and drink, medical services, toilets, internet access and assistance with travel arrangements in cooperation with groups charities and volunteers.

Additionally, Hungarian Railways operates an on-site ticket office, which is available to take people to major train stations and the airport.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine on February 24, Hungary has opened its doors to large numbers of refugees fleeing their homes in Ukraine.

According to the latest data provided by the UN Refugee Agency, Hungary has so far accepted around 1,151,781 refugees from Ukraine.

At the same time, the country registered 27,861 applications for temporary protection.

In addition, the neighboring country of Ukraine, which has shown its full support for Ukrainian refugees, and Poland, which has hosted almost 5,269,285 so far.

According to the data, the following other countries that have hosted significant numbers of Ukrainian refugees are:

  • The Republic of Moldova with (565,543)
  • Slovakia with (668,195)
  • Romania with (998,516)

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