Lithuanian artists reveal the flaws of today’s society and complex scientific ideas in thought-provoking illustrations (16 images)

We also asked Ła what she would like people to take away from her work, and this is what she told us: “When I illustrate text, I really want people to initially find my work comparable. The viewer stays at the work for more than 5 seconds. Then, through the image, I would like the audience to immerse themselves in a seemingly more difficult topic, to start thinking about a specific problem from a different angle and through an aesthetic sense. , find a topic closer to them.”

Finally, we asked how Ła got the ideas for his illustrations from this particular project.

“Because a lot of what Spektro has to do with science, I had to be very well-informed at first so I wouldn’t accidentally spread misinformation. Then, after much research, I wrote down some key words and made visual associations. with scientific subjects.. After research, notes and writings, I moved on to more precise sketches of the composition, and then to the final version.

For an illustration to work, you need to combine familiar images with an unexpected visual twist. Sometimes you come up with an idea that takes hours, sometimes it just pops into your head when you go for a walk or take a shower.”

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