Macclesfield gets an unexpected lead role in a new Christmas movie


Your Christmas or mine? follows the story of a college couple who both decide to surprise each other at Christmas.

Getting comfortable and sitting down to watch festive movies is such an important part of Christmas for so many of us.

But after we’ve made our way Home alone, elf, love actually is a wonderful lifeand all those other classics we have to stick to whenever the holiday season rolls around, we usually end up turning to some of the newer releases that have popped up on various streaming platforms in recent years.

movies made for TV have historically had a reputation for not being so good, with people tending to avoid them unless they feel like wasting a few hours they won’t be coming back to, but the rise of streaming and, of course, the global pandemic has changed that – with many filmmakers even now favoring the powers of netflix and Amazon Premier around a cinema outing.

It seems party movies are no different either.

For the best or for the worst, Holidate, The Princess Switch, Single All The Way, The Knight Before Christmasand A castle for Christmas are just a few of the seasonal films to have hit streaming platforms and garnered millions of views over the past few years.

But there’s a new Christmas movie that just hit Amazon Prime this year, and a lot of it might sound familiar to folks over here. Greater Manchester and the northwest.

That’s because Macclesfield landed a starring role in Your Christmas or mine?

It may seem a little strange at first, but you could say that the northwest town near Stockport it’s just across the border cheshire is as much a star of the new film as its protagonists Asa Butterfield and Cora Kirk.

Your Christmas or mine? follows the story of young student couple James and Hayley, played by Butterfield and Kirk, who both decide to surprise each other at Christmas, only to have to accidentally spend the holiday season with each other’s families instead.

Hayley finds herself with James’ military father, Lord Humphrey the Earl of Gloucester, at his country home, while James, on the other hand, is stuck with Hayley’s dysfunctional working-class family.

And that family happens to be in Macclesfield.

While the mid-sized Cheshire town isn’t often on many people’s radars, or can’t claim to be famous for much more than being the birthplace of late Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis, Macclesfield Magical Forestand the home of Jodrell Bank, he now has an unexpected feature in a 2022 Christmas movie to add to this list.

Your Christmas or mine? is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now / Credit: Amazon Prime

For those familiar with Macclesfield, the film regularly mentions the town’s name, as one of the main characters is from there and provides the backdrop for much of the film, as well as many actors speaking with a classic northwest accent throughout.

Unfortunately, if you were looking to see the city on the big screen, you might be a little disappointed, as filming didn’t take place in Macclesfield.

Instead, the famous Pinewood Studios served as the backdrop for most of the scenes filmed inside, while Buckinghamshire and the capital London were used for the majority of the exterior shots.

Sticking a sign at Macclesfield station was probably as close as you could get.

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Published earlier this month, reviews of Your Christmas or mine? seem somewhat mixed, but if you’re looking for a fun, festive Christmas rom-com and want to see Macclesfield shine, there’s no harm in giving it a watch.

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People are just discovering the crazy age gap between Keira Knightley and Thomas Brodie-Sangster in Love Actually

daisy jackson
daisy jackson

Love it or hate it (or quietly acknowledge that it hasn’t aged so well while continuing to ingest it every year), love in fact is a Christmas classic.

It’s one of the greatest holiday movies of all time, featuring some incredibly famous faces as a lighthearted plot follows nine different couples as Christmas approaches.

There are family tensions, unrequited love, language barriers, questionable work practices (looking at you, Prime Minister Hugh Grant. And you, in fact, Alan Rickman), heartbreak, heartbreak. love, questionable dances and even more questionable flirtations.

But it’s a Richard Curtis movie, so as much as people may disagree with some storylines – if you’ve never read this article by Jezebelplease do – Love Actually certainly heats up the cases.

A few years ago, however, people found a new thing that shocked them, and that was the age gap between two of the show’s stars.

When people found out the age difference between Keira Knightley and Thomas Brodie-Sangster when they starred in the movie, they were stunned.

Because at the time of filming, there were only five years between the two – Thomas was 13 and Keira was only 18.

Keira Knightley was actually older to Thomas than to her on-screen husband, Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is eight years older than her.

Needless to say, what makes this all a little weirder is how different the characters’ backstories are.

Keira plays Juliet, the newlywed, living in a beautiful house in London with her new husband.

Thomas’ character, Sam, on the other hand, is a literal kid playing in his school band and trying to win the heart of his very first crush.

And while this information might be pretty familiar to most of us, there are still people online who are finding out about it.

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On Twitter, one person said: “I recently found out that Thomas Brodie Sangster and Keira Knightly have a 5 year age gap in this movie. Math is not math.

Another wrote: “Oh yeah there’s only a five year age gap between Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Keira Knightley in Love Actually, who knew??????”

Someone else said: “There was a FIVE YEAR age gap between these two while filming Love Actually. What. The. Damn.”

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Manchester will be the third most hungover city this Christmas, new survey reveals

Sergeant Emily
Sergeant Emily

For a good chunk of us Brits, Christmas can be all about the booze – and there’s no denying it.

No matter how your Christmas tends to unfold, if you like a glass of alcohol, chances are one or two – or considerably more – will be sipped throughout the holiday season.

But with the Christmas drink usually comes the almighty Christmas hangover.

It turns out, however, that we Mancs are about to feel the blurry heads more than others this year, as research by CBD and supplement brand, four fiverevealed which UK towns are likely to be most hungover this Christmas – and Manchester earned a place in the top five.

Searches for “cure a hangover” increase by an average of 34% each December, as Britons try to ease the headaches and surges of nausea brought on by the festive season, according to the research.

The data reveals Newcastle had the most searches for ‘hangover cure’ per capita – with 889 searches per 100,000 people over the festive period.

Belfast and Manchester take second and third place respectively, while Leeds and Norwich also secure their place in the top five most hungover cities.

Manchester will be the third most hungover city this Christmas / Credit: Sandy Hibbard (via Unsplash)

Top 10 most hungover cities in the UK

  1. Newcastle
  2. Belfast
  3. Manchester
  4. Leeds
  5. Norwich
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Glasgow
  8. Nottingham
  9. Bristol
  10. birmingham

According to the survey, on average, the term “cure for a hangover” generates 22,200 average monthly searches, but they generally increase in December.

Other queries that typically see a spike over Christmas include searches for “hangover cures” and “best thing for a hangover.” effects?

Clinical neuroscientist and nutritionist Dr Elisabeth Philipps of fourfive says staying hydrated is key to a quick recovery this Christmas, explaining: “Alternate alcoholic beverages with a glass of water and taking a tablet of Hydration before drinking alcohol and after heavy alcohol consumption. The next morning. B vitamins are also essential to help you maintain your energy levels, and replenishing your electrolytes will help replace lost water in your body.

Searches for “cure for a hangover” increase by an average of 34% each December / Credit: Andisheh A (via Unsplash)

“Make sure you eat before you drink too.

“Healthy fats are the best option for lining the stomach, where alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. Try an avocado smoothie, hummus salad, or even cheese on toast to prepare yourself for the night.

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“And finally, don’t over-exercise with a hangover.

“It can be tempting to try and sweat a hangover, but too much exercise will only make dehydration worse – keep it light with a winter walk or a simple yoga session.”

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