Man confronts ‘giant’ 6’8″ man after he wouldn’t let him recline his seat on plane

The flight is an amazing experience, 10 out of 10, definitely recommended – at least in theory. The reality is somewhat different. Unless you’re flying first class or enjoy premium airline service, you might feel more like a sardine in a can or a bus passenger than a luxury traveler.

In short, you have a lot of little problems to deal with that add up quickly and can make your commute across the sky as mundane and uncomfortable as taking public transportation at rush hour. One problem that keeps coming up is the lack of legroom.

Redditor u/Itchy-Smell8152 addressed the AITA subreddit for their verdict on whether he was a jerk for calling himself a “giant” for not upgrading his seat during the flight. After netizens read the OP’s story, the opinions were quite mixed. Scroll down to see his full post and let us know what you think about the whole situation, dear Pandas.

What do you think was wrong and why? What would you have done differently? What do you love and hate most about flying? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

Flying can be a huge hassle if there is almost no room to sit and reclining becomes impossible

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A man shared a story about a recent flight and an argument with a very tall man in the row behind him in the middle seat.

Video Credits: cottonbro studio (not real photo)

Video Credits: Itching-Smell8152

According to the OP, the “giant” passenger in the middle seat in the row behind him was a whopping 6.8cm tall (that’s a little over 203cm for those of you pandas who don’t use the imperial system).

When you’re this big, traveling can be pretty tiring, whether you’re on a plane, bus, train, or absolutely anywhere else. The system is well suited for the “average” person, so anyone who doesn’t fit the “mold” will have a pretty uncomfortable time. Like those sitting next to you, most likely.

Some solutions to this problem include purchasing more legroom, flying first class, or even buying the seat(s) next to you. Of course, this is not easy on the wallet if you have to fly regularly. But chances are, if you can pay for the ticket, you can pay a little more for the extra comfort.

The AITA community was quite divided over the situation. Some editors pointed out that the “giant” passenger should have known better and adapted to the situation so as not to cause inconvenience to himself and others. Meanwhile, some others thought that the author of the post was completely wrong to lecture a fellow passenger.

According to the AARP, everyone should try to be sensitive to their seatmates. Say hi, but otherwise try not to bother them unless they’re in a chatty mood. If they want to talk to you but you don’t, politely excuse yourself and tell them you’ll be reading your book or magazine during the flight.

Be diplomatic and friendly, but firm. Try not to get into any arguments. And if a passenger is unruly, it’s better to inform the flight attendant about it than to escalate the situation yourself.

Meanwhile, when it comes to reclining your seat, consider how it might affect your fellow passengers. If it’s a small plane or a cheap flight, chances are everyone will be squeezed in tight as it is. It’s understandable that you need to have a little more space, but don’t do it at the expense of everyone else.

Opinions differed. For example, some Internet users believed that the author of the post did what he did wrong

However, others believed that he had done nothing wrong and that the “giant” passenger was to blame

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