MN Woman Transforms Grandpa’s Pool House Into Retro Vacation Rental

A man’s old pool house is a granddaughter’s treasure.

In 2020 Eva Slattery of Stanchfield quit his 13-year corporate job and decided to take on a new challenge: restoring his grandfather’s 1980s pool house and transforming it into the ultimate vacation rental.

In the fall of 2020, I bought my grandparents’ old house in hopes of bringing it back to life. The house was built by my grandfather, Vernon Christensen, in 1980. It’s such an amazing house, but as it got older they couldn’t keep up with the necessary repairs, and then the house sat vacant for 2 years. The property was completely overgrown, rodents and spiders had taken over as tenants, and almost every system in the house needed replacing.

The indoor pool hadn’t worked for 25 years and needed a total overhaul, and it took eight 30-meter dumpsters to clear the building itself.

After a lot of hard work, the vacation rental space is officially open and has a lot of unique charm. Almost everything in it is second-hand from thrift stores and the Facebook Marketplace. The house is decorated in a vintage 70s and 80s kitsch style and makes the perfect photo set for some great vintage-inspired Instagram posts.

In fact, he works so well for this that rental is available in blocks of two, four and eight hours for photo shoots.

Vacation rental is definitely a labor of love and completely one of a kind. If you would like to stay at Grandpa’s Pool House they require a minimum stay of two nights, so be prepared to make a weekend of it. Cost starts at $890/night Friday or Saturday and $650/night Sunday through Thursday. The house can accommodate up to 14 people and when you stay here you can make full use of the bedrooms, pool and clothes rack and wigs! Find out more about Grandpa’s Pool House and book your stay online here.

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