New Bedford Church resurrected into a glamorous five-bedroom home

The site of the former New Bedford Church of Christ has been transformed into what could arguably be one of the finest homes in town.

Jackson first told us about 1169 Phillips Road in February.

At the time, the church was in pretty bad shape, but Jackson thought it could do something special with a little TLC. His initial thought was a venue for live music. His thought was that the acoustics of a church lend themselves well to singing. However, the owners had other ideas and made it a breathtaking home.

What really sets it apart from other homes is the 5,000 square foot open floor plan and the incredible wooden ceiling. It seems that everything has been restored in this old church. There are 14 rooms including five bedrooms, two bathrooms and an indoor swimming pool (transformed from the baptismal bath).

Just amazing.

The price is $599,800. The house is listed for sale by Jamie Fortes of Amaral Associates Real Estate Inc.

One of my favorite rooms in the house is the kitchen. Although I think many families have two refrigerators in their homes, the second refrigerator is usually in the garage or basement. I’ve never seen two new refrigerator storage cabinets and a butcher block style counter. This is another truly unique feature of this extremely unconventional residence.

A disadvantage ? It could be the very size of the house and the height of the ceilings.

With energy prices trending up as winter approaches, this place could be very expensive to heat.

This is not the first time that an old church in the region has been transformed into a house. Nancy Hall showed us a house in North Easton that was built in 1893, and Christine Fox showed us a house in Fairhaven that was a church just 15 years ago.

The photos of this church-turned-home in New Bedford are stunning. Looked:

New Bedford Church transformed into a magnificent home

You won’t believe the transformation of this former New Bedford church into one of the finest homes in town.

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