New Iowa restaurant serves very unique corndogs [PHOTOS]

Have you ever heard of Korean corn dogs?

In December, a new restaurant in Iowa called Naughtea officially opened at 1810 SW White Birch Circle in Ankeny. As the name suggests, the restaurant specializes in a variety of teas, including boba tea, but they also serve something called Korean Corn Dogs.

Korean corn dogs are a popular Korean street food that is a bit different from your typical American corndog. First of all, corn dogs don’t need to have hot dogs or sausages in them. They can also be filled with mozzarella cheese, rice cakes, or seafood. Second, Korean corn dog batter is usually made with rice flour, which is crispier than the cornmeal batter that Korean corn dogs are made with. American corn dogs are made. And then there is the coating! According to the website Ling, “Korean corn dog is coated in panko breadcrumbs, which makes it more crispy. Korean corn dogs can also be coated in cornflakes or ramen. After being fried until golden brown, they are coated in sugar.”

At Naughtea, you can have your dog stuffed with Korean corn with a hot dog, mozzarella cheese, or a cheese and hot dog combo. Your flavor options are classic, potato fries, sweet potato fries, hot cheetos, and Ube cheese. According to really simpleube is”a purple yam from the Philippines” who has a “slightly nutty, vanilla flavor and is commonly used in desserts.” Naughtea also offers a variety of supplements for their Korean Corn Dogs, including Cheese, Ketchup, Sriracha, Sriracha Ketchup, and Sriracha Mayonnaise.

Naughtea, Facebook

Naughtea, Facebook

In addition to corndogs, Naughtea also offers a wide variety of teas. The Monks Register says there are milk teas, cheese teas, fruit teas and brown sugar teas. The article reads as follows:

“Customers can add cheese mousse, boba, mango jelly and other toppings that will make any caffeine addict forget Starbucks.

So far, Naughtea has amazing reviews! The restaurant currently has 5 stars on Facebook and many satisfied customers. Facebook user Sarah Jeter wrote:

“So glad I got to try this place! Tried every corn dog and strawberry cheese drink. Everything was super tasty, the staff was super friendly! I think my favorites are the ube cheese and the hot cheeto, but I also really liked the sweet potato. I’ll definitely be back!”

If you want to make the trip to Ankeny to try Naughtea, the restaurant is open Tuesday-Thursday 11am-5pm and Friday-Sunday 11am-8:30pm. sell items early in the day, so be sure to follow them on social media for updates HERE.

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