Secrets for Phoenix Homeowners Who Want to Rent Their Homes for Super Bowl LVII

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Millions of dollars will be poured into the Phoenix metro area, all thanks to the Super Bowl. Some owners are looking to get in on the action.

Erin Spradlin, author and real estate consultant, said it’s the opportunity of a lifetime for some homeowners in the area. She said the first step is to list your home on well-known short-term rental sites to get the most traffic and stay on top of paperwork like insurance. “Airbnb and VRBO will manage the contracts for you,” she said.

The second step for landlords is to set the right price for your rent. To get this, determine the rental price of nearby hotel rooms and multiply that amount by the number of rooms your home has. “Typically, hotel rooms can sleep two people, so if the rooms are $650 a night and you have a 3-bedroom house, you’re going to look at the cost of the hotel room and multiply that by three. for a 3-bedroom home,” Spradlin said. That means your 3-bedroom home can be rented for around $1,950 a night. If the tenant stays for five days, that totals $9,750.

She also suggested homeowners come up with some sort of creative title for their home and focus on being close to the stadium. “It’s not the worst thing to say ‘We’re perfect for the Super Bowl’ and then to say ‘We’re 6 minutes by Uber from the Super Bowl stadium,'” Spradlin said. Instead of putting the price in your title, she suggests showing more pictures of your amenities to really “sell” your home.

“I think ping-pong or air hockey tables work great,” Spradlin said. “Because people come to experience a party, the elements that support the party should be in your first paragraph.” Even though the Super Bowl is only one day, some travelers rent for the week to enjoy both the game, pre-game events, and other valley events.

The idea is that potential tenants can imagine themselves having a good time in your house rather than somewhere else. “If you have a gigantic TV, talk about it,” Spradlin said. “If you have a barbecue on site, talk about it. I think anything that creates a really fun vibe will be very appealing. Before counting your rooms, Spradlin said to always check with your city and potential HOA restrictions on short-term rentals. The last thing you need is to pay a fine or penalty. Finally, be honest in your ad. For example, don’t indicate that you have a heated pool if it really isn’t heated.

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