Pee with company in this haunted bathroom in Portsmouth, NH

I recently discovered the hilarious and wonderful ‘Peeing in Portsmouth’ Instagram account, which highlights the best places to go in our lovely little town!

Maybe you don’t like talking about toilets, but you have to admit that going to the bathroom is the ultimate equalizer. It puts all humans on the same playing field. Even Oprah pees! Sure, she could do her business on a 24k gold porcelain throne, but she goes through the same motions.

I was so drawn to the Peeing in Portsmouth page because I always notice if a bathroom has a standout feature like a painting of a heron clinging to a turtle’s shell, a blue velvet sofa and a sitting area , or… a ghost that keeps you company while you pee! LISTEN TO ME:

Everyone knows Portsmouth is REALLY old. It was installed in 1623! So the idea of ​​spirits hanging around some of the restaurants and theaters we frequent is not inconceivable. A few members on the (un)official town of Portsmouth The Facebook group mentioned that the Black Trumpet, a charming bistro on Ceres Street, has a HARMLESS ghost hanging around the bathroom. I like the idea of ​​snacking on the best charcuterie board in town and maybe meeting a ghost in one visit. Talk about one-stop shopping.

Of course, I looked for details. What is the ghost’s name? Do they use women’s or men’s toilets (or both)? My questions remained unanswered. I was told that I had to go to the ghost tour in october discover. Done and done!

Have you ever met a ghost in Portsmouth? If yes, where?

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