People are sharing what they find and have thrown away, and the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been more true (40 new photos)

Combing through junk has become a quintessential New York experience. And when we say junk, we mean mid-century dressers, velvet sofas, and tables and chairs of all shapes and sizes that would look absolutely perfect in your apartment. Apparently, the Big Apple is littered with amazing things sitting on the sidewalks for anyone who finds them too good to ignore.

Shrinking, where people dump things they no longer need on the sidewalk to be salvaged by any passerby who might need them, is a thriving tradition that has been dubbed an Instagram phenomenon. Stooping NYC proud documents. Or like the couple from Brooklyn who created the account earlier told us, “It’s really an activity that’s embedded in the culture of being a New Yorker.”

As people always on the go throw gold mines of sidewalk gems to anyone lucky enough to rip them off the concrete fast enough, junkies regularly share photos and locations of freebies. After all, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” So, to celebrate other people’s success, we’ve collected the latest batch of interesting creations and shared them with you all. So keep scrolling to check them all out, and be sure to vote for your favorites!

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