Phoenix landlords frustrated with short-term rental run like a hotel

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Michael Gordfarb and his son Skylar would love to play outside their house more often, but that’s just not possible with all the cars and people coming and going from the house next door.

“We didn’t all buy homes in this neighborhood to be next to a motel, and that’s really what it is,” Goldfarb said.

Short term rental is located near Bell Road and Tatum Boulevard in North Phoenix. It used to be a nursing home, but was converted into an Airbnb last year, with the owner offering 10 rooms for rent, for $30 to $50 a night.

Goldfarb said it had been a nightmare, with strange people wandering the block, looking through trash cans, even accidentally entering his home.

“It’s a really big difference when it comes to different people every night,” Goldfarb said. “When people use the house for a long time, they seem to take better care of the house.”

Ellie Paget owns and manages over two dozen rental properties around the valley.

Paget says renting single rooms isn’t very common, but it’s perfectly legal. Nothing in Arizona law or the City of Phoenix ordinance prohibits a landlord from operating their rental like a hotel.

“It’s their own private residence and they can use it as they see fit,” Paget said. “It’s like a neighbor decides to decorate the front lawn in a certain way. Personally, I find that to be a huge risk.

Paget said HOAs can place additional restrictions on short-term rentals, but since this home isn’t in an HOA, Goldfarb and its neighbors can’t do much.

They put up cones to prevent people from parking in front of their homes and put up signs to scare away guests.

“We reached out to members of Congress,” Goldfarb said. “We’ve tried anyone who wants to listen and there’s nothing stopping them. It’s more than frustrating.

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