“Residence of the day” designed by studio seilern architects

Studio Seilern Architects Designs Private Residence of the Day

Designed Seilern Architects studio, private “Residence of the Day” Greek island combines subtle modernism with contemporary and traditional details and materials. Arranged as several linked, individual rooms around a courtyard by the pool villa looks like gradually reaches out to the landscape, providing unique luxury homes in the natural setting of the Aegean Sea. The project was completed in September 2021 and its owners enjoyed it for the first time this year.

floating panels oriented according to the August sun

Standing above an olive grove on the west coast of the island, the orientation of Paros Residence was determined by the August sunset; the path of his sun’s axis ends in a deposit of negative rim stretching towards the Aegean Sea. This orientation is mirrored by the adjacent gazebo, whose bamboo roof is pierced by a single eyelet that casts light into the hand-hewn marble poolside lounge.

Architects (see more here) placed the built volumes on overlapping terrazzo slabs that seem to float above the ground. Meanwhile, the base of the pool, clad in rustic mirrors, reflects the Mediterranean sky, turning it into another floating slab extending towards the ground.

Aerial view of Paros Residence

layering a complex mix of minimalistic and rich textures

The balance between minimalism and material richness is subtly highlighted through textures. Traditional white plaster and stone walls are faced with Greek marble and terrazzo openings. The windows are framed in densely hammered Aliveri marble, inspired by the decorative stone surrounds that mark the entrance to Paria churches, while the stalls and pews are sandblasted and chiseled stone. The scale of the aggregate shows the calculated difference between the different terrazzo surfaces, creating a subtle but vital gradation; a simple arrangement of raw materials that offers layers of complexity.

These careful adjustments add complexity without overwhelming the Paros Residence and allow the landscape to give the house a unique formal energy that matches the coastal context.

christina Seilerns Paros villa combines modernist aesthetics with created materials 8
perspective view

christina Seilerns Paros villa combines modernist aesthetics with created materials 9
gardens, courtyards and interiors

christina seilern's day villa combines modernist aesthetics with masterful materials 2
view from inside

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