River Cousin and Studio Nari Join Forces for New Snipfeed Brand Focused on Dreams

Snipfeed is an in-bio link monetization platform, which means it allows creators to host content and monetize it with just one click – through tips, subscriptions, bundles, events broadcast, etc. Until recently, its branding was largely focused on the idea of ​​challenging the 9-5 paradigm; although his new refreshment, barred by Nari Studio, look further into the dreams and “endless possibilities” that the platform allows, explains a recent press release. To visualize these themes, the studio turned to River Cousin, whose we recently explored further to That’s right. For Snipfeed’s makeover, River’s signature gradient hues appear on a range of sparkling assets.

Taking the idea of ​​unlimited as a driving concept, Studio Nari uses cloudy blue sky as a returning theme in the rebranding, also appearing behind the homepage of a new site. These lighthearted visuals are paired with colder, metallic interpretations of the idea of ​​”dreams.” For example, the logotype with its “magnet-like structure” hints at “the idea of ​​protest” and “great dreamy moments,” the press release explains. This shows how Snipfeed is leaning into some elements of the modern online discourse surrounding fulfillment and dream fulfillment.

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