S, M and L: Three women wear the same outfit to show how she looks in different sizes

For years, social media and fashion magazines have promoted the idea that you have to be a certain shape and size to feel good in your own skin. But despite what unattainable beauty standards may tell you, there is no such thing as an ideal body type. Every body is a good body, regardless of age, gender, ability or shape, and should be able to fit into any clothing you want.

But fashion is a notoriously unforgiving industry, which hasn’t been the best environment for the body positivity movement to thrive. Because as we know from practice, sometimes buying clothes that should be your size can turn into disappointment. You may think that the item will suit you, but the result is this completely different from what you imagined.

Fortunately, more and more brands are taking matters into their own hands, and clothing store Sassy & Chic by Llesi is doing just that. On their Instagram page, three friends with different body shapes wear the same clothes and show how they can look the same in sizes S, M and L. Below we Boring Panda have pulled together a selection of their amazing samples for you to enjoy, so keep scrolling and vote for your favorites!

More information: sassyandchicbyllesi.com | Instagram | Tick ​​Tock

The fashion industry is notorious for promoting size standards that can make some people feel that certain clothes will look bad on them. In fact, some may even feel so pressured by society’s idea of ​​beauty and style that they don’t even try.

Body standards still remain a delicate issue that sparks heated debates on social media platforms. While many of us know that harmful ideals of beauty have far-reaching and damaging effects on mental health and well-being, some media consumers—especially young, impressionable girls—may not realize this.

“While no one is immune, teenage girls’ brains are more malleable,” says Kara Lissy, LCSW, psychotherapist at A Good Place Therapy. told Glamour. “They are not yet able to think as critically as adults about what information is harmful or helpful, let alone who controls that information and whether it is even true.”

“We are bombarded with images of women’s bodies on social media all day long, and the cultural obsession with women’s bodies is a source of money for these platforms,” ​​says Carrie Wasterlain, LCSW, director of The Dorm NYC, a mental health treatment program for young adults. added. “The fact remains that we still spend a lot of time debating women’s bodies and what size they should be. Well, frankly, that needs to change.

For decades, big retailers have generally catered to the slim consumer, even as the world has become more diverse – so it’s no surprise that shoppers are now pulling back. People are turning away from stores that don’t carry full body sizes and are demanding that different chains carry a wider range of sizes. Consumers are now louder than ever, and the industry is starting to listen.

Olivier Rousteing from Balmain told Vogue that fashion has been stuck in its stereotype of what is elegant and cool for so long. “We’ve made women feel that if their bodies aren’t certain, they have to hide. But that’s wrong.”

“We have social media to thank for bringing attention to this – the global community telling the fashion industry: get out of your bubble.” Or otherwise.

Fortunately, the body slowly regains its power. The body pride movement is growing stronger, with people of all shapes and sizes challenging unattainable beauty standards, sharing their experiences and showing that stylish looks can be found on all body types.

These three women in the photos are here to prove that nothing should be off limits. The line may contain items that restrictive beauty ideals say certain people can’t wear, but the trio doesn’t care.

From casual tops to cocktail dresses and classic two-pieces, every woman is rocking the outfit she’s given and showing that your figure doesn’t have to dictate your wardrobe. Or rather, it’s not the size that matters, it’s the style. So keep scrolling to enjoy the rest of this list, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

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