Seoul Korean BBQ Review – A Hidden Gem at Carnegie

Last updated on November 23, 2022 by Jeremy

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When it comes to Korean food in Pittsburgh, we can’t get enough and are always on the lookout for new restaurants to try.

So when we discovered Seoul Korean BBQ right next to Carnegie’s main business district, we knew we had to pop in right away to try their famous bibimbap, beef bulgogi, and classic Korean appetizers.

Although the service was a little slow, this popular restaurant delivered an incredibly tasty meal that we would return to again and again to enjoy.

Seoul’s Korean BBQ puts on a feast at Carnegie

Seoul Korean BBQ menu is about the traditional Korean you can get. Gems like bibimbap and beef bulgogi can be found alongside kimchi pancakes, mandu dumplings, galbi short ribs, kimchi-jjigae soup, and more – all classics Korean foods we enjoyed while visiting the country.

Naturally, we had to order our favorites.

Fried Mandu Dumpling

To start our feast, we ordered a kimchi pancake and mandu dumplings for a spreadable appetizer. The kimchi crepe came out with quite a large portion and was loaded with big chunks of kimchi, but wasn’t too dense to make the crepe terribly spicy (although dipping it in the provided gochujang sauce helped make it rise a little). bit!) and the mandu dumplings came four to an order which were perfectly fried with generous portions of our protein of choice.

The two together made a great appetizer duo for the two of us, but the crepe was also a generous enough portion to give a decent sample for four if you wanted to stretch it out.

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On the entrees side, we went with bibimbap (said to be a crowd favourite) and an order of beef bulgogi.

Seoul Carnegie Korean BBQ Bibimbap

The first thing you’ll notice is that the portions are huge. So big, in fact, that despite stuffing ourselves, we had plenty of leftovers from both dishes.

The bibimbap was served in a hot stone bowl that helped crisp up the rice layer on the bottom and was fully loaded with perfectly seasoned vegetables and topped with generous helpings of pork (our choice of protein), a fried egg and gochujang sauce to hit our perfectly selected heat level (4 out of 10 provided some heat, but not overwhelming).

Beef Bulgogi at Carnegie

The bulgogi order was a monstrous amount of sweet and tangy beef served with big chunks of kimchi and roasted vegetables on a hot stone plate. Similar to the bibimbap, red chili peppers were added to increase the heat of this one, and a spice level 6 really packed it here. Tasty meat, a good balance of heat and a good amount of added vegetables? We are in love with this one and had to stop ourselves from overeating until the very last bite – it is so delicious.

The only downside we had from our experience was that service was exceptionally slow at this small restaurant, specifically a fairly long wait to place our order after being seated (after ordering, our food came out at a normal pace) .

We can ignore this because the restaurant was full and seemed short-staffed, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that our entrees also didn’t come with the rice, banchan or sauces as stated on the menu. We were a little sad that we couldn’t try the house banchan, which we only realized we had missed after we left, but the portions were so big we really didn’t need any extra food either.

Aside from some slight service issues, we have to admit Seoul Korean BBQ knocked the food out of the park here. If you’re craving a Korean feast at Carnegie, you’ll do well to visit this one. Don’t be surprised if the little restaurant is packed when you go – we’re talking about this gem!

Seoul Korean BBQ is located at 525 W Main Street in Carnegie.

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