“Where have you been?”: Employee goes on vacation and can’t be reached by phone, boss panics when no one can cover for him

Bosses come in all shapes, personalities, demands, expectations and sizes. But despite this, many of them share the temptation to distrust responsible and hard-working team members. Some even micromanage and pressure their employees at every opportunity. The result? Overworked, underpaid and underappreciated employees to tolerate unreasonable demands from management.

A few days ago a Reddit user Landrig22 reached out to the Malicious Compliance community to share a story that’s what happened to their friend Craig who worked at an IT company about a decade ago. In it, the user explains that Craig was a productive worker who always tried to stay on top of things. And while any company would be happy to have him, his employer was far from happy.

It turns out the vice president was “outraged” when she found Craig sitting in his office ahead of his assignments and “getting paid to do nothing.” So the boss forced him to go on leave, ignoring warnings about major work to be done in the next two weeks. Hint: He almost instantly regretted that decision. Scroll down for the full story and be sure to share your thoughts on the situation in the comments.

In this IT company, being ahead of your tasks means you get “paid for doing nothing”.

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So after his boss forced him to take the day off for a slow week at work, this employee spitefully obeyed.

Employee switched off phone while on holiday, sending employer into panic mode as things went from bad to worse

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Video Credits: Landrig22

As many employees know from practice, micromanaging is a one-way ticket to team tension. Actually, a survey GoodHire found that American workers are most annoyed by managers who are overbearing, have very little control, and expect them to work after hours. Additionally, the vast majority (82%) of all respondents said they would consider leaving because of a bad manager.

With the corporate world full of patronizing, mistrustful, and toxic executives who regularly embark on useless road trips, scenarios like this become far more common than we’d like.

Earlier, Boring Panda talked about employees’ lack of trust and respect for their employees Sunny Patel, UK-based career change coach to help professionals find careers that interest them. According to him, companies that don’t appreciate their loyal employees for their efforts slowly alienate them.

“This is one of the reasons why so many successful careers are now based on moving to new organizations every few years, as opposed to the older model of seniority,” Patel explained.

“After several years of work, development and new skills, your current employer may still see you as the same person, but the new organization will look at who you are now.”

In order for employees to feel valued for their hard work, managers need to show that they care and find what motivates a person fundamentally. “Things like helping them get to the next level in their careers, helping them feel like they’re on a career path and not just working, and getting their input and input on projects before just asking them.” Complete the job”.

Patel also pointed out that while everyone is motivated by different incentives, we all deserve to feel valued. “It’s not condescension, it’s just human nature. Find what motivates and excites you, then work with your boss to see how that can be achieved where you are.

“If not, start planning your next role and use these things to help you find the right one.” I work with people who are looking for the next step in their career, and the first step is always to focus on what is wrong with them in their current role and what specifically should be different in the next one,” concluded the career coach. .

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