she finds her devastated home after renting it out on Airbnb

The owner of an apartment, rented out on Airbnb, found his devastated home. Angry, the young woman decided to publicize her misadventure by posting photos of her apartment on social networks.

We wouldn’t set foot there! In the Parisian apartment of 13 square meters, empty bottles, some broken, litter the dirty floor, strewn with waste. In one corner, the bed certainly doesn’t make you want to get on it, it’s so dirty. And let’s not talk about the toilets…

Broken bottles, damaged furniture

It is in this state that Laurie found his apartment on Monday, after renting it out for three weeks, via the american platform Airbnb. A bitter experience which she suggested testifying on social networks. On Facebook, the young woman has posted several spectacular photos of her devastated studio. A post shared nearly 8,000 times by Internet users.
Past the shock of discovery, Laurie chose to file a complaint, and to contact the customer service of the localization platform. “I called them several times. Each time, they said to me: ‘We call you back, we call you back‘” she says.

Laurie used to rent out his property Aibnb. In two years, she had never experienced such disappointments. In any case, the experience of this summer decided him to “stop everything“.”I have given my trust to this site. I never imagined living this“, she explains.

Zero tolerance

Parity France 3 Paris Ile-de-France, Airbnb replies that “this type of bad experience is extremely rare“.”There have been over 200 million guest arrivals to Airbnb accommodations worldwide.“According to the American platform, the degradations”consequent“, represented 0.009% of the 30 million rentals recorded in 2016. These are disputes for which Airbnb has compensated users for more than 1,000 euros.

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Because the platform provides guests with a guarantee in the event of damage. Up to 800,000 euros. “We are currently supporting the host“, explains the company. As for the cad tenant? He was “banned” of the application. “We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior“, says Airbnb.

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