Slovakia and Czechia: the EU’s external borders must be reinforced

Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger and his Czech counterpart Petr Fiala said at a meeting in Prague that the external borders of the European Union should be strengthened, and reaffirmed that the protection of the Hungarian-Serbian border remained crucial.

During the meeting held last week, Prime Minister Heger together with Prime Minister Fiala stressed that the two countries will strengthen their cooperation in the fight against illegal immigration, and stressed that they are committed also to cooperate with other EU countries, reports.

The Slovak Prime Minister stressed that besides strengthening its own external borders, the country is also ready to help Hungary manage its border with Serbia to eliminate illegal migration if necessary.

Heger also stressed that the illegal immigration crisis must be tackled jointly if EU countries are to solve the problem.

Likewise, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic said that the country’s authorities are open to cooperation with Slovakia and other EU countries. Furthermore, Fiala has agreed to coordinate its activities with Slovakia on the Czech-Slovakian border.

Besides the above, the Slovak authorities have also discussed the current illegal migration with the Hungarian authorities and the possible solutions that could be taken.

Slovakia’s Interior Minister Roman Mikulec and Hungary’s Interior Minister Károly Kontrát met this week and discussed steps the two countries could take to further control the borders.

“I would like to thank the members of the Police who are deployed every day to protect the Schengen external border. We clearly see that this is the most effective way to prevent the rise of illegal immigration into Europe along the so-called Balkan route. At the same time, mixed patrols operate on Hungarian territory, where they try to capture migrants who have crossed the fence, for example, using ladders,” Mikulec said.

The Slovak Interior Ministry revealed that around 800 police officers are deployed daily on the Hungarian-Serbian border. In addition, the same pointed out that the border is constantly monitored by cameras and drones.

Previously, reported that Slovakia continues to monitor the entry of illegal migrants and has stepped up cooperation with NGOs. In addition, the country’s authorities check international databases to find out whether the migrants pose a threat to the security of Slovakia and the EU.

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