Texas has its own hobbit house with a mythical circular door and it’s a cozy Airbnb

If you are a JRR Tolkien fan the Lord of the Rings, maybe you have dreamed of visiting a magical hobbit house, like that of the Bilbo Baggins which still exists in New Zealand. Its famous circular door and short ceilings combined with an enchanted garden attract people from all over the world. However, New Zealand being quite far from Texas, this Airbnb could be the solution.

In the middle of Texas sits the Lonestar State Little Hobbit House, complete with all the Hobbiton charm you’ve come to expect.

Tall people beware, however, the ceilings are only six feet high.

The exterior of the Hobbit House.Airbnb

This iconic Airbnb outside of Dallas is suitable for just two guests: perfect for a romantic getaway or two movie buffs looking to experience Texas style.

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of the real world and into the Shire the second you see the round bed, the carved wooden furniture, and the map of Middle-earth.

The round bed.The round bed.Airbnb

Greenery blankets the walls and a handcrafted stone fireplace hosts all the basic LOTR cottage vibes. There’s even a TV atop a cozy stone fireplace for all your hobbit-watching needs.

The living room.The living room.Airbnb

The magic doesn’t stop at the bathroom: just look at the counter that is literally made of a tree and the sturdy stone-clad bathroom walls that surround you as you soak in the tub deep as if it were the third age.

The giant mirror, the tree-shaped counter and the deep wooden tub in the bathroom.The giant mirror, the tree-shaped counter and the deep wooden tub in the bathroom.Airbnb

Price: $180/night (for two people)

Where: McKinney, Texas

Why You Need To Go: This tribute to the Lord of the Rings is just outside of Dallas.


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