This Airbnb pirate ship is on the Mississippi River in Minnesota

Hey buddy! No, you didn’t put too much rum in your mug. It’s actually a pirate ship that you see docked on the Mississippi River between the airport and downtown St. Paul.

The boat, christened mermaid gatehas garnered national attention lately, from the New York Post to Travel and Leisure Magazine. mermaid gate is actually an Airbnb which rents for $300 per night and can comfortably accommodate up to six adults.

After a little investigation, I tracked down the owner of said vessel, Tom Kellogg. I just had to get to the bottom of what, in the name of Johnny Depp, this boat is doing here.

It’s actually quite simple. Kellogg, who splits his time between sailing the Caribbean and shoveling snow in St. Paul, has spent his life intrigued by all things pirate.

Kellogg was casually scanning Craigslist when he came across a message saying “Pirate Ship for Sale.” Kellogg called his captain pal, Ernest Olson of Minnetonka, and the two headed to St. Louis, bought mermaid gateand set off to venture down the Mississippi River doing the Mark Twain Adventure in reverse…eventually docking at St. Paul.

Well, chill me, thanks to Tom and Ernie, you too can now walk the plank and live out your Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy!

Todd Walker

Entertainment journalist Todd Walker covers the gala a social circuit for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Look for him at events and weekly on FOX 9 News.

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October 15, 2019


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