Tired of Airbnb, some landlords now prefer to opt for long-term rentals

The noose continues to tighten around short-term seasonal rentals. Adopted on June 12 by the National Assembly, the ELAN law on housing provides for financial penalties in the event of rentals of one’s main residence beyond the legal period of 120 days per year, namely a fine of between 5,000 and 10,000 euros for owners and up to 50,000 euros for platforms that act as intermediaries.

These latest measures come on top of the tightening of the rules for this type of localization at the national level; the local provisions taken by several municipalities in large cities (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, etc.) and the tax declaration obligations for this rental income, which are now well established.

It is difficult today for a financial backer to slip through the meshes of all these “anti-abuse” nets. As a result, the vein of Airbnb-type rentals is less lucrative than a few years ago. Many owners have decided to throw in the towel for these reasons, but also for other reasons. “less visible and heavy”.

“At first, this formula was fun and easy. But over time, this activity revealed its dark sides. »

With hindsight, many complain about the constraints of day-to-day management, too heavy to bear over time. As evidenced by this owner of a duplex located on the Montmartre hill, in Paris. ” At first, this formula was nice and easy. Having left my apartment to move in with my companion, these repeated rentals helped me repay my credit. But over time, this activity revealed its dark sides. I calculated that in two years, almost 350 people marched at my house, says Isabelle B. Occupied by often disrespectful vacationers, my apartment quickly deteriorated. And to keep it in good condition I had, in 24 months, to repaint three times, replace a damaged washbasin and sink, change bedding, buy three coffee makers and two irons. “, enumerates the latter.

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In addition to these repair costs, there are also the systematic cleaning expenses at each departure, more or less 40 to 50 check-in and check-out inventories during the year.

when i think about it, vsThis rental by the night turned out to be a daily nightmare. We live with constant tension. You have to constantly check your email, keep a schedule, respond to online requests, requests from guests on site, and make sure you get a good rating all the time because it determines the next locations. », adds Olivier B., who admits to being “disgusted with the formula”.

Change of strategy

“Faced with these legislative obligations and the constraints of everyday life, some investors do not hesitate to resell their rental property exclusively occupied for short stays”, observes Patrice Garnier, of the Laforêt Immobilier agency, in the center of Marseille.

Others disappointed with Airbnb change their strategy and go ” without regrets or moods » for long-term furnished rentals with a one-year lease. All claim to earn, in the end, as much or more than with Airbnb. There would be fewer costs (cleaning, degradation, concierge, etc.) and few uncertainties regarding the occupancy rate.

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I gave away my 60m one-bedroom apartment2 in Vienna under management at a long-term location site. What a slowdown! Well, I don’t worry about anything anymore. And in two years, I’ve only had three tenants », Rejoices Floriane G. According to Jean de Balincourt, founder of Lokizi, a long-term furnished property rental platform, « Over the past few months, we have seen a phenomenon of a relationship between short-term and long-term donors. This is particularly true in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. And that’s good, because in these markets, the demand for hiring people on professional mobility is greater than the supply. “.

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With this scenario, a lessor still allows to rent 15% more expensive than an empty property of equivalent surface. ” This switch to long-term rental opens the right to taxation known as industrial and commercial profits (BIC) with the option of the “micro-BIC regime” or the “real regime”, both offered “, underlines Maud Velter, associate director of Lodgis.

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