TripShock enters Web3 with Crypto Wallet Connect and NFT benefits

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Web3 comes to with the launch of Crypto Wallet Connect. TripShock customers will now receive discounts and benefits for holding certain NFTs.

FLORIDA, USA, January 28, 2022 / — The age of Web3 has arrived. The old way of using the internet is rapidly evolving into a whole new world of blockchains, metaverses and NFTs. Although these concepts may seem like something out of The Matrix movies, the truth is that they are already embedded in our daily lives. From shipping and banking to artwork and professional sports, Web3 is slowly getting closer to mass adoption.

The recent push towards Web3 compliance in e-commerce and travel has inspired TripShock to carve out a place for itself in the new digital world. Find out how TripShock will use cutting-edge technology to connect with customers and build a community around their unique travel brand.

Building communities with NFTs

TripShock has an innovative plan in mind for NFT holders. With CEO Greg Fisher publicly endorsing the technology, the developers and marketing team worked to integrate NFTs into the growing list of assets available to customers. Before we get into the TripShock roadmap, here’s an overview of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

NFTs are a way for artists, musicians, and businesses to build communities around their products and earn income. An NFT is a graphical representation of a block on a blockchain (i.e. Ethereum, Cardano, Avalanche), and is usually displayed as an image. These images can then be stored in a digital wallet, transferred to another person, or bought/sold on an NFT market.

2021 has been in many ways “the year of NFTs”. NFT sales had a breakthrough year with total sales volume reaching $12 billion. Notable celebrities like Snoop Dog and billionaire Jack Dorsey have publicly endorsed NFTs, and giant brands like Disney, Nike, and the NBA have entered the space.

TripShock and NFT – What you need to know

For TripShock, NFTs are an opportunity to connect with customers and build relationships with crypto communities around the products, partners and destinations available on TripShock will give access to exclusive offers to holders of certain NFTs. This is validated by connecting a crypto wallet to, which validates ownership through the Ethereum blockchain. NFT communities can take advantage of discounted rates on thousands of activities for community events.

TripShock will begin rolling out its NFT partnerships by inviting the Based on the Fish Mafia NFT community, a collection of 10,000 fish created by artist Matthew Callaby. The Based Fish Mafia community is affiliated with marine life conservation efforts, a core part of TripShock’s mission and values. Recently, The Fish Mafia donated $10,000 to Sea Shepherd foundation.

MetaMask will be required as the preferred wallet to log into In order for a user to participate in the offer, they must purchase a Fish Mafia-based NFT from OpenSea. Once the wallet is connected, the user will receive instant discounts of up to 10% on TripShock Tours and Attractions!

NFTs are just the beginning

While the launch of TripShock’s Wallet Login initiative is a game-changing initiative in the travel and e-commerce space, TripShock’s plans for Web3 don’t stop there. Eventually, TripShock will accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment. The timing of this next step will depend on the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the United States. But with major travel companies, including AirBNB and Arival, considering their place in this new digital world, the future of Web3 and travel looks bright.

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