Vienna: Police investigate suspicious deaths of two women

Double investigation for the police of Vienne and sad coincidence. In less than a week, two women died in the department, one in Buxerolles and the other in Poitiers, indicates the site of the New Republic.

In Brussels, a woman in her forties was found unresponsive in her apartment on Thursday July 8. The firefighters were called rue Abel-Tassin, around 8 p.m. “I heard my neighbor’s daughter knocking on the door, there was no answer. She called the emergency services. They went through my apartment to go home through the balcony. They told me she was on the bed, ”says the next door neighbor.

The victim found with a belt around his neck, wrapped in a blanket

Arrived in the apartment, the firefighters discover a scene of horror. The victim, whose name was Virginie Deloeuil, was discovered wrapped in a blanket with a belt around her neck. PJ investigators and forensic identification technicians stayed all evening and part of the night in the apartment to collect clues.

A neighbor says she “didn’t hear anything in particular”, while on the floor below, another says she heard “a great commotion all week”. “I felt like it was shaking things up, there was really a lot of noise this week. There was something vibrating, like a phone on the floor and no one answering. »

The Poitiers prosecutor’s office confirms that no suspect has yet been arrested in this case.

In Poitiers, the husband arrested

On the other hand, the death of another woman last weekend, in Poitiers, led to the arrest of her husband. For the time being, the Poitiers prosecutor’s office indicates that it is carrying out checks. The late declaration of this death should have fueled suspicion.

The investigation has been opened for the moment on the qualification of search for the causes of death, within this couple presented as suffering from chronic alcoholism.

Since this Thursday, July 8, 2021, the judicial police have been seized by the Poitiers prosecutor’s office with a murder investigation.

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