Visit the new shipping container home in downtown Phoenix

Ida on McKinley is home to 18 short-term shipping container rentals, which function like an Airbnb for visitors to the valley.

PHOENIX – One of downtown Phoenix’s most sustainable buildings is finally open and welcoming guests from all over.

IDA on McKinley is an impressive project made up of shipping containers and hundreds of thousands of pounds of steel. The building is six stories high and made up of dozens of shipping containers. It houses short-term rentals, so it functions much like an Airbnb when people want to visit or explore the valley.

18 short-term rentals fill the space. LOCALSTUDIO, which did the architecture and construction, said it was the tallest shipping container building in North America. 64 shipping containers fill the space.

12 of the units are single-story with one bedroom and one bath, at approximately 640 square feet. Six of the units are two-story loft-style apartments with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and Phoenix city views. All rentals are equipped with kitchens.

LOCALSTUDIO owner Brian Stark said the property is meeting Phoenix’s climate action plan in more than 60 different ways. Building durability is something he hopes to catch in the desert down the road.

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“With the water shortages we are already facing, it seems crazy not to start developing projects in a way that is sustainable for our future,” Stark said. “I hope this project is a demo project for other developers to see what we can and should do.

From water savings to energy and material reuse, IDA is sustainably built in dozens of different ways. Shipping containers reuse 615,000 pounds of steel. Steel and lightly colored paint give off heat quickly, which contributes to Phoenix’s heat island effect. And each unit is insulated to reduce energy bills.

There are solar panels on the roof and on the sidewalk that supply power to the commercial space on the ground floor. There is a 3,000 gallon reservoir on site which stores rainwater and uses it for irrigation. There’s no parking, encouraging guests to find more efficient ways to get around the valley.

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