(WATCH) Minnesota Auto Dealership’s Hilarious Business Bloopers (Vi

Well, it’s winter on the tundra and I think we could all have a good laugh or two, right? This video should do the trick. I’ve already watched it a dozen times today!

I remember seeing this blooper 5 years ago and I ran into him again this morning. Obviously, it’s gone viral again and for good reason. It’s hilarious!

According to bringmethenews.comthe multiple attempts to shoot this commercial for White Bear Mitsubishi were made at the Mariucci Arena, where the Gopher hockey team plays.

Here is the script, White Bear Mitsubishi was trying to film a new TV commercial. The stars of the ad are a spokesperson for the dealership, Goldy, the Golden Gophers mascot and the polar bear mascot White Bear Mitsubishi.

The poor guy in the polar bear costume really has a hard time walking on ice and gravity in general.

It’s no wonder this video made a comeback and went viral again. Even famous comedian and actor, Patton Oswalt, tweeted about the hilarious attempt these guys were making to film the dealership commercial.

Whatever the psychological reason people laugh every time they see others fall, I don’t know but it’s just funny.

I’m sure White Bear Mitsubishi enjoys the millions of views around the world. I can’t buy a big ad like this. They can thank Twitter user Tashy McTashface for the resurgence of the video.

In my opinion, anything that can make a person laugh, especially in times of a pandemic, is golden. Go ahead, watch it a few more times. It’s good for the soul!

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