When did you realize you had become your parents?

There was a discussion this morning about when you realize you’ve started becoming your parents. For me, it was when I started making sure all unnecessary lights were turned off in my house. My dad hated the lights left on in rooms that no one used when I was growing up. I remember hearing the question “what do we light this room that we don’t use?” and somehow he’s stuck with me.

I don’t know if it’s because as I got older I had to start paying my own electric bill or what, but I can’t stand the lights being on for no reason. I don’t even ask my fiancée to turn them off when she leaves a room anymore. I’ll just get up and turn them off if she forgets.

It was the same if we had the front door open too long in the winter. “I don’t pay to heat the whole outside” he would say if the door was left open for 3 seconds. Turns out he was right. I don’t leave the doors open in the winter anymore. Over the past few years, I have begun to realize that I have become my dear old father. He’s a good guy, so it’s not all bad…it just makes me feel old.

Unsplash – Steve Johnson

Unsplash – Steve Johnson

We decided to ask Iowans when they had their first “oh shoot, I’m turning into my parents” moments and these were some of our favorite responses.

RachelO. mentioned a moment like this that happened to him at Target.

She mentioned having to stop in the middle of the aisle at Target to cross things off her list. She had to tell her daughter “Wait, I have to do it now so I don’t forget”

Jaz S apparently realized this after a few Busch Lights…

I think this should be some kind of family joke. Jaz said, “When I’m drunk and want to go to the dollar tree and buy stupid stuff.” If I’m being honest, it looks like an absolute blast.

Do you do or say the same phrases your parents say? As kids, if we were ever stuck with a remedial task or hurt ourselves doing something stupid, our dad would say “you gotta be smarter than the…” If we bumped our foot on the corner of the bed, it was always followed by a quick “Are you okay?” and then a “well, you must be smarter than the bed frame.” It marked me all my life.

Anna G. started using a phrase his parents and many other parents have used over the years.

Unsplash – Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov

Unsplash – Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov

“Because I said so” has to be a child’s least favorite reason for doing something. Don’t worry Anna, I’ve used this one on my nephews before, so you’re not alone with this one.

Have you started paying close attention to your home thermostat? Jeff L. definitely learned this one from his parents.

Unsplash – Sean D

Unsplash – Sean D

Jeff realized he was becoming his parents when he “I started watching the thermostat like a hawk.” I can surely identify with that. There is a specific temperature it must have during the day and the same goes for the night. There is no in-between.

Amy L. remembers the moment his mom showed him her new washer and dryer combo.

Unsplash – Qijin Xu

Unsplash – Qijin Xu

Amy realized she was becoming her mother when “She showed me her new washer/dryer combo and I was really jealous.” The days of wanting toys for Christmas seem over for Amy. Maybe mom and dad will come up with a new combo for you on your birthday. Imagine asking for a washer and dryer for your birthday! ? You are officially your parents at this time.

Do you have a moment that made you realize you were becoming one or both of your parents? Funny how one day you wake up and all of a sudden everything around you feels familiar. You can thank mom and dad for this one.

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