World Relief Quad Cities is looking for Airbnb hosts to house Afghan refugees

MOLINE, Illinois (KWQC) – 150 Afghan refugees will come to the Quad Cities over the next few months. World Relief Quad Cities strives to provide refugees with resources such as housing and furniture.

The association is looking for local Airbnb hosts to temporarily host Afghans.

“There is funding in this program that is for housing, so there is no cost to the person providing the housing or to the people upon arrival,” says Clare Stephenson of World Relief.

150 Afghan refugees will arrive by March 2022. World Relief is trying to find a place for them to stay during a housing shortage.

“It’s always a process of trying to find a place to live before you have a guarantee that someone will live there,” Stephenson says.

World Relief also provides resources to help them relocate to the United States, such as providing health care and employment opportunities.

“It is our moral obligation to help these people in the same way we would help any other refugee coming to the United States and we are doing everything in our power and we know how great our community here in the Quad Cities is. supports our refugees and the work we are already doing, ”says Stephenson.

World Relief can only resettle Afghan refugees in Illinois and within 100 miles of their Moline office. If you are able to host, visit World Relief website Or on Airbnb link register.

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