Airbnb launches site to help renters find apartments that allow accommodation

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Airbnb has launched a new site listing apartment complexes in several major US cities, including Phoenix, allowing tenants to temporarily house guests.

The vacation rental and home-sharing platform says the program aims to give renters the opportunity to pocket extra money when needed while increasing the number of listings available.

“We believe cities can help renters better afford where they live by supporting Airbnb-compatible apartments and adopting policies that allow renters to share their space,” the company wrote in a press release.

Airbnb launches service by partnering with major private apartment rental companies agencies like Greystar in 25 major markets. CNBC reports that buildings can restrict how many days each apartment will be sublet.

Much of the valley has experienced a housing crisis which has only recently begun to ease. Airbnb says the program helps tenants survive the rising cost of living. According to RentCafe, the average cost of rent is $1,590. Company officials estimate that an average renter could earn $900 per month by hosting an average of nine nights per month.

Airbnb says most people support short-term rentals in apartment complexes. Most of the company’s hosts already cite the high cost of living as their primary reason for being on the platform.

Cities in Arizona have passed ordinances in recent years severely restricting short-term rentals by limiting their density, requiring an emergency contact to be available 24/7 or even fining hosts for unruly customers. In October, the city of Mesa joined Paradise Valley and Scottsdale in regulating investment-type properties. Earlier this year, Airbnb permanently banned parties nationwide as new laws were implemented in Valley towns and Governor Doug Ducey signed short-term rental legislation nationwide. State during the summer.

More information about “Airbnb Friendly Apartments” can be found by click/tap here.

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