Airbnb tightens restrictions for Halloween

In an effort to curb destructive and disruptive parties, Airbnb is tightening restrictions for the Halloween holiday.

PHOENIX — If you were hoping for a Halloween party in a Airbnb, you may need to look elsewhere. The short-term rental department announced the rollout of policies and procedures to reduce disruptive parties during the holidays.

The company said it will take action on bookings made by customers who do not have a history of positive reviews.

Specifically, this means that guests without a history of positive reviews will not be permitted to make one-night reservations for entire homes. These guests will also be redirected away from whole house listings if they try to make a two night reservation.

Airbnb clarified that these restrictions do not apply to guests with a history of positive reviews.

Airbnb has implemented the same restrictions on Halloween 2021. It’s part of a larger strategy the company uses to reduce parties that damage the rental home and cause problems for area neighbors.

Recently, Airbnb codified a party ban and implemented new “anti-party” technology to enforce it.

According to new figures from the company, the strategy is working. Airbrb reported a 55% year-over-year reduction in party reports in Arizona.

Arizona also saw 1,900 people deterred from booking entire house listings over Halloween weekend in 2021.

The company shared the following statement:

“We understand that a majority of our guests respect their host’s homes and the neighborhood around them. We continue to believe that these defenses help support safer travels, combat disruptive behaviors and parties while empowering guests, hosts and neighbors to enjoy the Halloween weekend without a hitch.”

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