Are you considering a side business? Phoenix Couple Find Success By Renting Out Their Backyard

PHOENIX – Record inflation and rising costs on just about anything could hurt your wallet. It might also make you think about picking up a side gig for a little extra cash. It turns out that many people use their homes to get creative.

Although you’ve probably heard of Airbnb, there are online apps like Swimply where you can rent your swimming pool or Neighbor where you can rent your garage space. There is also SniffSpot where Phoenix residents like Yair and Chelsea rent their backyards to dog owners.

“We basically wanted to monetize it and be able to share it,” Yair said.

So two years ago, the couple posted their yard for rent on the app and the requests poured in. For $15 per dog per hour, you get the entire yard and pool uninterrupted. Clients have even hosted their own private dog parties.

“At the lower end, two bookings a day, at the upper end, six or seven,” Chelsea said. The couple say they never imagined they would be as successful as them.

“I didn’t think there was really a market for it,” Yair said.

However, many dog ​​owners prefer to avoid the traditional dog park and while it’s not the couple’s full-time job, the extra cash is a big bonus.

“Thirty-one percent of Americans have a side hustle right now,” said Ted Rossman of He says this number is slightly lower than in 2019, but due to inflation, the data shows that more scammers are using their extra income for living expenses instead of just spending the extra money.

“You want to be aware of the safety and security aspect,” Rossman said. “Also any wear and tear, any damage. There’s overhead associated with side shoving and there’s also the time and energy you put into it.”

But there are also upsides, which Yair and Chelsea have seen first-hand in times of economic uncertainty.

“Because we need to stay ahead of the rising cost of living and property, this was a good way for us to do that,” Yair said. “We are always on the lookout for projects.”

Rossman says taking up a side hustle is also a great way to pay off debt or save for a vacation. Here are the best activities they recommend.

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