Costain to serve as delivery partner for Heathrow Airport transformation

Heathrow UK Airport (LHR) took advantage Costain to to modernize its operations and support its goal of becoming an aviation hub with a net net.

As a delivery partner, Costain will work with the airport on asset renewal and construction projects procured through Terminal Asset Renewal Partner and core project partners H7 System.

Costain’s first order is the contractor’s early involvement in the design phase of the overhaul of Terminal 2’s baggage handling facilities and systems.

The scope of work includes the renovation of Terminal 2 and adjacent facilities and the delivery of essential projects.

The company’s Heathrow team will work through the life cycle of renovation and construction projects using a systematic approach.

This approach will help determine efficiency, offer a plan for sustainable operations, and simplify work performance.

Sue Kershaw, Managing Director of Costain Transport, said: “I am delighted that our construction, consultancy and digital experts have been selected to help Heathrow transform its operations.

“Our integrated team will work closely with Heathrow to address the challenges of recovering from Covid, transforming to a net zero airport and attracting new customers and airlines to deliver a world-class airport experience for passengers.”

Helen Elsby, chief solutions officer at Heathrow, said: “We have bold plans to improve Heathrow over the next four years to make travel seamless, safe and reliable.”

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