Ford announces recall of 650,000 trucks and SUVs

Be careful if you drive a Ford truck.

Ford announced it was recalling more than 650,000 pickup trucks and large SUVs in the United States

The reason for the recall? Some vehicles’ windshield wipers may break or malfunction during use.

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The vehicles affected by the recall are certain F-150 pickups, Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigator SUVs (2020 and 2021 model years).

The other Ford vehicles included in this recall are the F-250, 350, 450 and 550 (models manufactured from 2020 to 2022.)

According to Ford, the “teeth” of some windshield wipers can cause them to malfunction, which is why they address the problem on the makes and models above.

Those who own Ford vehicles will be notified at the end of May if their vehicle is part of this recall.

If your vehicle is included in the recall, the dealer named in the letter will replace both wipers for you.

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