Horror details after body found in trunk of car as cops reveal major clue revealed corpse

A DECOMPOSITION body has been found in the trunk of a car after a man was missing for more than two months.

Tony Danh, 37, of Las Vegas was arrested on September 29 in connection with the murder of Arizona man Amir Haggi, who disappeared in June.


A man is accused of killing his associate and hiding his body in the trunk of his car for weeks.Credit: FOX 8

Haggi’s body wasn’t found until August when a passerby smelled a foul odor coming from the truck, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by FOX 5.

Haggi was originally missing in action in Phoenix on June 9, and was last seen on June 5, when Danh called him, police said.

The body was discovered in the trunk of a white BMV in a Budget Suites in Vegas on August 19.

The car was dropped off by a tow truck that morning, but seen in Phoenix in surveillance footage on June 4.

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It was registered to Danh in Cerritos, Calif., but listed in Haggi’s missing person report, according to FOX 5.

Police saw trash bags, medical gloves and a bottle of ammonia in the car, and found a “poorly decomposing human body” partially wrapped in trash bags, in the trunk, according to court documents.

The body was so badly decomposed that authorities could not initially determine his identity or even his gender or race.

The coroner determined the body had similar characteristics to Haggi, who was named a victim on August 25.

His cause of death was ruled a homicide after sustaining two gunshot wounds to the head.

The affidavit claimed that Haggi and Danh co-owned a business: Elite360.

Danh allegedly had a gambling problem and demanded money from Haggi before the man disappeared, police said.

Employees told police they did not receive their paycheck the first week of June and have not heard from them since, FOX 5 reported.

Authorities say in the arrest affidavit that Danh contacted tow truck company NV Cars on Aug. 19, asking them to tow the vehicle, as he said he was staying at an Airbnb and moving to Budget Suites. , but that his wife had lost the car key.

Asked about the smell coming from the car by the towing employee, Danh reportedly said it was coming from the garbage bags.

He then allegedly ordered the driver to drop him off at a casino, before taking a Lyft to a rental car company.

According to the tracking records listed in the affidavit, Danh returned to the Budget Suites on August 19 around 2 p.m.

Just ten minutes later, the police opened an investigation.

That night, the car was tracked to Mexico.

From June 7-9, Danh rented a Nissan SUV and began renting a storage unit on June 7, according to the affidavit.

Police believe that between June 8 and August 16, Danh also traveled to Mexico and returned to the United States on August 16, when he was seen buying “cleaning items”. has a California Walmart, and rented a house.

He reportedly accessed the storage unit on June 8, from 11:17 a.m. to 3:18 p.m., but no further activity was reported until August 17, when he returned to the unit.

At 9:57 a.m. the following day, the BMW was seen leaving the unit.

When police investigated the unit Aug. 29, they found semi-dried liquid on the floor, which was “consistent with decomposition,” according to FOX 5.

The liquid would have tested positive for blood.

Danh was arrested in San Diego on September 19, although a warrant was signed on August 30.

He was charged with fugitive arrest and taken into custody by ICE.

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He is currently awaiting extradition to Las Vegas from San Diego and has an upcoming hearing on November 4.

The US Sun has contacted police for comment.

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