Netflix is ​​under scrutiny for filming Stranger Things season 4 in a former Nazi prison

Jewish and Roma communities are calling on Netflix to take responsibility after the filming decision Stranger things Season 4 in a former Nazi prison, Primetimer reported tuesday The streaming service filmed episodes of the wildly popular sci-fi series at Lukiški Prison in Vilnius, Lithuania; the prison became notorious for its Nazi involvement in World War II and its proximity to the horrific Ponari massacre, in which 100,000 Jews, Roma and political prisoners were killed.

In addition to the filming, which took place in a Lithuanian prison, AirBnB started offering a stranger things –a theme hotel in Lukiškės, which started accepting visitors on June 4.


A petition started on, which now has nearly 20,000 signatures, aims to Stranger things and Netflix is ​​responding to the erasure of the Holocaust by demanding reparations and apologies for the direct harm caused to these communities. “This not only mocks the shared trauma of the Jewish and Roma community,” the petition reads. “However, it further desecrates the living memories of Holocaust survivors and their descendants.”

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“We, the Jews and the Rroma, invite you to sign this petition and comply.” Stranger things and Netflix are responsible for erasing the Holocaust. The money earned from this season should be returned to the Lithuanian Jewish and Roma communities, as compensation for the damage caused by this season and a public apology from AirBnB, Netflix and Netflix. Stranger things It should be published immediately with a full understanding of how it contributes to the erasure of Holocaust victims and the ongoing persecution of Roma communities. We also demand the immediate closure of AirBnB.

One call to action comes after another Stranger things Dispute

The decision to film in the Lukiški prison is not the first controversy arising from the latest season Stranger things.

After Season 4 aired, some fans took to tattooing the numbers on their wrists as a subtle reference to the show. This is supposed to be a nod to the story of the main character Eleven; El was raised in a lab where she was given a number instead of a name, and that number was tattooed on her wrist.

The tattoos, which quickly attracted negative attention on social media, are similar to the numbers that were forcibly tattooed on Holocaust victims when the Nazis tried to strip them of their identities and names.

The petition also addresses the trend, writing: “Fans Stranger things are now getting numerical tattoos on their arms because they were inspired by the show Stranger things Instagram has even reposted photos submitted by their fans; thus encouraging their behavior’.

“We will not be erased,” says the powerful call to action. “The Holocaust is not for the entertainment industry to make a fortune and turn it into a theater. It is our genocide, and for the Rroma it continues.”

Full statement and petition can be found on

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