Phoenix women are renting out their spaces on Airbnb after COVID-19 losses

The coronavirus pandemic has caused people from all walks of life to lose their jobs over the past year, but women have been leaving the workforce at a much higher rate than men. As of February 2021, almost 3 million women had left the labor market since the same period in 2020.

Some of them use their time at home to their advantage, earning income through Airbnb hosting.

“Powered by Women”

Liz DeBold Fusco is Communications Manager for Airbnb.

Liz DeBold Fusco is Communications Manager for Airbnb.

“The Airbnb community is and always has been driven by women,” Fusco said.

About 55% of the company’s 4 million hosts globally are women, and many have become new hosts during the pandemic.

“The burdens and sacrifices this pandemic has imposed have fallen disproportionately on (women’s) shoulders,” Fusco said.

Gender roles have changed over the years, and women are no longer so socially obligated to shoulder the bulk of child-rearing responsibilities. But when America’s classrooms closed, women were often the ones who stayed home to help their children get to school.

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