Quebec City: “Unacceptable” not to be served in French at the restaurant, says Marchand

The labor shortage in Quebec should not be used as a “pretext” for not serving customers in French, warned Bruno Marchand.

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The mayor of Quebec reacted on Wednesday to a news published in The sunin which there is talk of a Korean restaurant in Sillery, Bab Sang, where a journalist was unable to obtain service in French.

“It’s not possible for it to come to Quebec […], not to be served in French, whether in a restaurant or in a business in Place Laurier. In Quebec, it happens in French. »

According to Mr. Marchand “ […]we cannot, due to the shortage of manpower, justify things that are going to be done and to be effective, we will have a hard time going back later”.


Posting in French is a legal obligation and it is “unacceptable” to try to avoid it, he added.

Avoiding commenting on the specific case of this restaurant, Mr. Marchand reiterated that “our duty is to welcome people, we need them. Diversity is important. It is to offer them the necessary support [et trouver] their way of growing. But it’s in French. It’s non-negotiable […]. We won’t make any concessions.”

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