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Money may be tight and the list may change accordingly, but we’d love to hear about your dreams, plans and aspirations for travel in 2023. Maybe you’ve seen a picture of an amazing beach or mountain that you just have to visit. Maybe it’s time to take an Interrail break so you can visit the many wonderful cities and explore the country at a slower pace. There can also be a secret motive for the trip – to visit a concert or festival, to see the wild nature or to run a marathon. Or are you planning the trip of a lifetime?

Whatever your 2023 on the route UK and elsewhere in Europewe’d love to hear about it.

Readers’ Travel Advice is taking a break over Christmas, so until January 3rd. you have to think and submit your proposal.

If it’s somewhere you’ve been before and you have a photo of it, please send it – but your words will be judged for competitions.

Keep your advice to about 100 words

The best tip of the week voted for Tom Hall from Lonely Planetthe will win a £200 voucher to stay at a of Saturday property – The company has more than 3 thousand employees in the UK and Europe. The best tips will appear on the Guardian Travel website and possibly in the newspaper.

Sorry, but for legal reasons you must be a UK resident participate in this contest.

The contest ends on January 3 at 9:00 a.m

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