The 51 coolest neighborhoods in the world right now

It’s been a tough few years for the world at large, but in many ways, fantastic neighborhoods. While we may not be able to travel the world as freely as we once did, billions of us are spending more time closer to home than ever. And in many the largest cities in the worldthe result was a complete neighborhood renaissance.

It is true that much-loved local shops, restaurants, bars and creative spaces have unfortunately closed forever. But there has also been a flurry of new businesses, driven not only by the increased flow of people outside the city centers but also by “great resignations”. City dwellers have quit their corporate jobs to finally celebrate, whether it’s the opening of a corner coffee shop or a much-needed local LGBTQ+ bar, or simply spending more time living slowly and spending more time (and money) in their local area.

At the same time, local officials around the world are remaking their neighborhoods as people’s places. In some cases, this means reshaping the street space: less driving, more walking, cycling and leisure. In other cases, it means tackling issues like overtourism, inequality and air pollution. All of this has resulted in neighborhoods looking completely different than they did just a few years ago – and becoming better places for locals and travelers alike.

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Every year we gather thousands of urban dwellers around the world End time index survey. As always, this year we asked them (among other things) about the coolest places in their city right now. For the fifth year in a row, we’ve combined their opinions with expert input from our global network of local editors and writers to compile our fifth annual ranking of the world’s coolest neighborhoods.

Of course, “cool” is probably the most subjective quality. But the neighborhoods below are simply incredible places to be right now. These are areas with affordable, cutting-edge culture and nightlife; great and affordable food and drink; vibrant street life and a great community atmosphere. These are unique neighborhoods that you can walk in half an hour or less, but you can spend a whole day or more exploring. It is a great place for people to live, visit and stay. These are places that mix the best of old and new school. The locals love them and so will you. These are the most amazing neighborhoods in the world right now. Now let’s start exploring.

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