10 things you didn’t know about Tom Okman

Meet Tom Okman, one of the founders of the NordVPN digital private network service. He was born in 1987. November 3, conducts its business in Lithuania. He created this company to help businesses securely use and store private passwords and files. His business works for small and large businesses, so there is no bias in the customer base he attracts. In addition to his business, Tom Okman has special attributes that we will show in this article.

1. He was born, raised and has a business in Lithuania

Tomas Okman, who was born and raised in Vilnius, has always seen a gap in becoming a successful entrepreneur. He developed his entrepreneurial skills while studying history at Vilnius University. While there, he earned a bachelor’s degree in history. He later earned a master’s degree in e-business management at Mykolas Romeris University, which formed the basis of his current career. It is enough to have an IT-related business to brainstorm. However, Okman does not allow his family to be disturbed by his work. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children when away from work.

2. He is the inventor of NordVPN

According to ZDNet, Tom Okman has been one of the creators of NordVPN since 2017. Prior to Nord Security, he was the founder of Tesonet in 2008. together with Eimantas. Both were at the same Vilnius University. Naturally, a VPN allows data to travel through a secure tunnel. One of the company’s main goals is to protect the data of Internet users, even when they use public Wi-Fi. Okman understands that while public Wi-Fi is largely insecure, some users still trust it. Focusing on VPN security over a compromised network is why the company has been successful so far. The three services it provides through NordVPN include:

  • NordLocker is a file encryption tool
  • NordPass – password manager
  • NordVPN teams – VPN solutions for business

3. He has won various awards

As an ambitious entrepreneur, Okman has always strived to provide a great customer experience for his clients. For this reason, one of the most famous Lithuanian business newspapers Verslo žinios recognized him as the General Director of the Year. He was also listed in the Financial Times’ annual New Europe 100 list. You see, it works not for profit, but to help businesses streamline digital processes and protect private data.

4. He co-founded NORD Security with two other partners

Until Nord Security in 2008 Okman together with Eimantas Sabaliauskas was the founder of Tesonet. Together, they worked on more than thirty projects before deciding on network security, large data solutions, and business hosting. This is how they created NORD security. According to Nord Security.the other founder is Jonas Karklys.

5. He maintains relationships with partners on all continents to run his business

Okman has business partners from all continents. His business has attracted partners from countries such as Poland, Spain, France, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Croatia, Sweden, Germany and others. As you expand your business to these international locations, your business is on the rise. – Quality network security, business hosting and big data solutions.

6. Its net worth is $ 906,000

According to People AI., Tom Okman’s net worth is about $ 906,000. While most people think he’s making money from Twitter, the truth is that his Twitter salary income and net worth are just estimates from publicly available material in Twitter’s monetization programs. This may be inaccurate given the fluctuations in the market value of its products.

7. He is a lawyer

Okman not only manages the digital cyber security solution, but is also a member of various organizations. The first is the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition), where he is on the board of directors. The initiative aims to create an internet infrastructure and influence public policy.

8. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Board

He has also been a member of the Forbes Technology Council since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that he has the right to publish his expert insights on Forbes.com, has an expert editor, and publishes members to help him write insightful articles portraying him as a thought leader. In terms of growth, the Forbes Technology Council is a great place to help members grow through face-to-face contacts, virtual events and informative recordings. The topics they discuss at these events revolve around the topicalities that are in the community and talk about their interests and place.

9. Once upon a time, he was a project manager from 2010 to 2011

Prior to Tesonet and NordVPN, Okman was a project manager. His responsibilities were to: Define what the project tasks mean and the need for their resources; Supervision and coordination of the business process to ensure that customers get what they need and employees do their jobs properly; Project planning and implementation; Customize the organizational structure to ensure a smooth flow of business processes; Decide which resources are appropriate for which specific project; Take the lead in defining scope, results and objectives. Oakman has worked for the company since 2010. December to 2011 in July, when he decided to start his own business.

10. He helped his company NordVPN raise € 100 million. $ 1.6 billion

Until 2022 March. Okman and his founder Eimantas helped raise $ 100 million from Novator Ventures. Both founders felt it was appropriate to use the funds to recruit more staff, target research, and expand the product portfolio. Due to the social isolation of COVID-19 and the limitations of telecommuting, Okman believes his company will grow through its consumer and business offerings.


In a world where almost all business processes are automated, it would be illogical to avoid the VPN security service offered by Okman. You rely on data to know how your business is doing to know where to grow. If your personal information is compromised by someone else who did not have access to it, you risk losing your business. When it comes to helping businesses thrive after the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that Okman and his team are winning hands.

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