How to Stay at the Newly Reopened Vintage Aloha Motel in Chandler

The Aloha Motel – named after the Hawaiian word meaning both “hello” and “goodbye” – reopened after extensive renovations on N. Arizona Avenue and W. Chandler Blvd in downtown Chandler.

Owners John Hylton and Bill Simmonds call their renovated 26-room mid-century building a “vacation boutique.”

“It’s a destination,” Simmonds said. “Our price is competitive with other hotels. We want to continue the story. We’re already 40 to 50 years back and here we are, continuing a new story.

Motel rooms can be reserved online or through Airbnb, but are not available without an appointment.

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Chandler is a great place to invest

Unit 24 of the Aloha Motel in Chandler on May 23, 2022.

Hylton and Simmonds stumbled upon the Aloha Motel after moving from Washington to Chandler.

Pilots by trade, the couple had also worked together on several real estate investments in single-family and multi-family homes in the North West.

When they arrived in Arizona, they felt Chandler was the perfect town to start investing in, Simmonds said.

“When we left the Northwest, we liquidated most of our assets there and started investing in the Phoenix area and Aloha was the first step,” he said.

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