Jimmy Fallon asks people to ruin a product with one word, and here are 30 hilarious tweets

Every time Jimmy Fallon tweets “Hashtag Time!” you know it’s going to be good. Remember when he asked on Twitter. spoil the title of the movie adding one word? Or do the same with TV shows? With dozens of people sharing the absolutely hilarious results, The Tonight Show host decided to come back with a bang. These qualities inspired him to take on another fun challenge, this time with a theme that takes center stage – the things in our everyday lives.

“Take a product, add one word to change the meaning and tag it #AddAWordRuinAProduct,” Fallon said. asked and sparked an avalanche of hilarious responses as people laughed at their beloved items. From K-Pop Tarts to Chunky Monkey Pox, people are out to prove how a few letters can cause total hilarity, and boy, did they succeed!

To show that humor is only needed in one word, our team is here Boring Panda rounded up a collection of some of the best tweets below. Enjoy scrolling through these jokes and be sure to vote for your favorites! If you can think of other funny examples, let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear them.

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Video Credits: jimmyfallon

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